It is believed that the Bill of Quantities (BOQ), while in its formal form dates back to the 19th century, originated in the Egyptian times with the construction of the pyramids. A BOQ is a central piece of documentation used in the construction industry, containing an itemised list of quantities of material and labour, descriptions and cost, for construction. The document has multiple purposes, but first and foremost enables all tendering contractors to price the same information, allowing for fair competition on the same cost basis.

BOQ is synonymous with the Quantity Surveying (QS) profession. In addition to providing a base for tendering, the document serves as a cost planning tool by analysing the construction trade by trade, giving support for material orders, risk identification, and allowing for reliable projection of the project budget.

Why is an accurate Bill of Quantity so important?

When a BOQ is generated by an experienced construction cost expert (a QS), the client is provided with an expert perspective, providing transparency and a clear course of action in the totality of the project life cycle. An experienced and qualified Quantity Surveyor like us, will provide the highest quality work, using their expertise and experience to keep your best interest at heart.