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We believe that the built environment in which we exist provides opportunities for an improvement in our quality of life. As such, our designs are responsive to place. Our solid background in quantity surveying allows us to achieve great design within realistic budgets. Our architectural services range from design and feasibility through to construction completion for commercial and residential projects of all scales.

Building Regulation Interpretation

We have an in-depth understanding of the building regulation environment, which allows us to provide expert interpretations for the most complex building developments. With our help, the client can confidently adapt and comply with the building regulations for their given site within New South Wales. 

Schematic Design

Our schematic drawings are the first step of turning our clients’ ideas into realistic designs. We listen to the client, develop an understanding of their requirements and goals, and incorporate our architectural expertise to produce the initial drawings, detailing the strategic approach to utilise the identified opportunities and constraints of site. 

Development Application

The Development Application (DA) is a comprehensive collection of documents and reports required for the DA to be approved. Our multi-disciplinary background as Architects, Project Managers, and Quantity Surveyors has allowed us to perfect the application process, easing the consent authority’s assessment process, and thereby reducing time spent waiting for the approval.

Complying Development Application

The Complying Development Application is an alternate and fast tracked process to achieving design approval for small scale developments which fit the criteria stipulated in the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008. We prepare all the documents required and work closely with the Principle Certifying Authority to ensure approval. 

Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE)

For small developments we take the hassle away from the developer and can produce SEEs which explain the likely impacts of the proposed development both during and after the development, and the proposed measures that will mitigate these impacts. These statements are a requirement of every DA being submitted to council.

Construction Certificate

Once a project has achieved DA approval, our team of architects have the experience and know-how to acquire the Construction Certificate (CC). This document verifies that our construction plans and specifications comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), and other relevant standards, while at the same time meeting the conditions of the consent. We are confident in our attentive detailing and coordination across disciplines, to enable the project documents to successfully translate on site.

Design Coordination

Our industry experience of successfully delivering projects from the design phase through to construction completion has enabled us to coordinate project consultants, authorities and sub-contractors efficiently and diligently to ensure every project progresses smoothly. Furthermore, we know it is more important than ever to ensure that coordination across the professions enables a ‘whole-of-structure’ design to be delivered to prevent defects and retrofitted solutions to accommodate oversights and non-compliances. Hence, we encourage all our clients to allow for frequent and face-to-face meetings with consultants and authorities, whilst we facilitate such communication to stay ahead of the game.

Construction Documentation

The construction documentation is crucial to effectively detail the complexity of a project to ensure that the building on paper will not only work on site, but minimise error and future defective works. We produce such documentation to complete the project documentation package for the builder and work alongside them and the project team through the construction process to ensure that the design intent is communicated and executed on site.

Construction Detailing

Construction detailing leaves little room for the builder to cut corners on site as well as combating common problems like waterproofing and water shedding, settlement cracks, bulky joining of opposing elements, and the likes. Our construction detailing provides the client assurance of a quality of build.

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