When it comes to maintaining a building’s integrity, there’s a common misconception that we simply set a date for replacements or repairs and expect residents to foot the bill. But here’s the real deal – that’s not how Capital Works Plans work!

Capital Works Plans are about residents paying regular levies to build up a fund for future replacements or fixes. It’s all about planning ahead and being prepared for the inevitable wear and tear that buildings face.

We don’t just roll the dice and hope for the best. Oh no! Our team of experts takes a thoughtful approach to creating the perfect plan. We consider the building’s typology, age, and condition, and carefully assess the effective life of each item. Armed with this information, we craft a comprehensive 10-year plan with reasonable levies that won’t cause financial stress.

This way, we guarantee the building’s integrity, whilst reducing the need for special capital works levies, and future exhaustive maintenance or reinstatement major costs.

A Capital Works Plan needs to be prepared by a registered quantity surveyor like the ones we have on our team. Our Capital Works Plan is the key to long-term building maintenance success and safeguarding your investments. With suitable levies, thoughtful planning, and expert quantity surveyors, we pave the way for a sturdy, cost-effective, and stress-free future.

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