Construction Cost: Estimating Towards Project Success

A Quantity Surveyor (QS) is a construction cost expert; a qualified professional with a degree in Construction Economics. A Quantity Surveyor is equipped to navigate the requirements of council, strata, financial institutions, and local and state authorities providing project control where it counts the most: your pocket. You may think that this could be handled by an architect, engineer or even a builder, but this is where you will find that a Quantity Surveyor is the best fit as they are the most qualified and trusted professional in this field, and you would want one on your team.

Project success comes down to the project being on budget and on time. With constant risks in a complex construction environment, managing a project requires passion, attentiveness and persistence. The fees to hire the right expert to navigate all aspects of a project is a small price to pay for what could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the end. The construction industry is a costly business, and a Quantity Surveyor is able to think more broadly about the legal, environmental, and long-term consequences of minute to minute decisions, reducing the risk of unaccounted costs.

We ensure that you are guided through the process of seeing your project to fruition with the security that your bottom line is taken care of.