Safety reports play a pivotal role in the strata industry, especially in New South Wales, where stringent regulations and standards safeguard workplace and occupant safety. These reports serve as essential tools for assessing, managing, and mitigating risks inherent in buildings. Keep reading to discover our Safety Reports suite of services and how we can support the buildings you manage.

Safety Reports

Safety Reports are instrumental for owners’ corporations in mitigating and reducing risks within the common property of buildings. Safety Reports offer visual inspections and subsequent Work Health and Safety Reports, enabling the implementation of control measures to prevent and minimise hazards and associated risks within the common property.

Furthermore, strata properties, considered PCBUs under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, are obligated to ensure safety measures.

Child Safety Lock Audits

Child safety locks are essential for preventing falls from windows. In NSW, strata properties like apartments, townhouses, and duplexes must comply with safety regulations to safeguard occupants, particularly children.

Legislation mandates the installation and maintenance of child safety locks on certain windows and doors. We pressure-test each window with a safety device to ensure it meets requirements and recommend control measures to ensure all safety devices comply.

Asbestos Reports

For buildings built prior to 1980, asbestos was commonly used in construction materials. The aim of our Asbestos Register and Management Plan is to conduct a non-intrusive visual inspection of the common property of these buildings to identify potential asbestos or Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACMs) within the common property of a strata building and suggest suitable control measures.

Playground Safety Inspection

Children’s Play Equipment Safety Audits evaluate the condition and compliance of play equipment against the relevant Australian Standards. They assess various aspects, including equipment, playground surroundings, and landscaping, for compliance and safety risks.

Recommendations are provided to mitigate identified risks and ensure compliance with standards. These audits assist strata building owners’ corporations in fulfilling their obligations under the Strata Management Act by ensuring a safe environment, and aid in insurance coverage.

When Should Safety Reports be Updated?

Asbestos Reports and Child Play Equipment Safety Audits should be revisited every 5 years, while Safety Reports require updating every 2 years. Conducting a Child Safety Lock Audit every year is essential due to the possibility of tenants removing locks.

Why Choose Us?

  • Specialisation: Our Quantity Surveyors bring extensive knowledge and proficiency to safety assessments conducted for strata properties, over the course of our 30 year tenure, guaranteeing thorough evaluations and precise compliance confirmation.
  • Adherence Assurance: We remain current with the latest legal mandates in NSW, ensuring that our audits conform to prevailing safety standards and regulations.
  • Customised Solutions: Recognising the unique nature of each strata property, we offer tailored solutions to address distinct safety concerns and needs, keeping costs efficiencies in mind.
  • Prompt and Effective Service: We prioritise efficiency and endeavor to provide swift audit services without compromising on quality or precision.
  • Dedication to Safety: Safety holds utmost importance at Archi-QS, and we are committed to aiding property owners and managers in establishing secure environments for residents.

For a personalised quote, simply email us at with a copy of the strata plans. Strata managers can request a Fee Schedule for all our standard services.