During any phase of a project, if a developer finds themselves in disagreement with their head contractor, they have the option to engage a Quantity Surveyor to prepare an Expert Witness Report for an impartial assessment during litigation.
There are several reasons why developers should consider our Quantity Surveyor’s Expert Witness Report. Let’s dive into each one.

Objective Evaluation

We offer an unbiased and independent quantity surveyor’s evaluation of new building projects, remediation, additions, and alterations of any size and type.
Our impartial assessment provides a well-founded expert opinion on cost-to-complete builder’s claim disputes, workmanship, building contract terms, and the overall health of the project.

Clarity and Comprehension

Building projects can be complex, involving numerous stakeholders and construction processes. Our quantity surveyor’s expert witness reports simplify technical details and potential disputes into clear and understandable terms. This clarity helps all parties involved in the legal process grasp the key issues at hand, facilitating effective communication and resolution.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Using our quantity surveyor’s expert witness reports can save you time and costs associated with lengthy litigation processes. The comprehensive analysis and objective evaluation provided in the report streamline negotiations, settlement discussions, or court proceedings, potentially leading to faster resolutions and reduced legal expenses.

We’re Trusted

We are part of the Panel of AIQS Expert Witnesses and have the necessary qualifications and experience to provide impartial and thorough assessments of construction costs at any project stage.


In conclusion, when disagreements arise between developers and their head contractors, the engagement of a Quantity Surveyor for an Expert Witness Report emerges as a strategic and valuable option during potential litigation. The strategic involvement of a seasoned professional in this capacity not only adds a layer of precision and credibility to the proceedings but also facilitates a more informed and equitable resolution of disagreements.