We aim to provide easy-to-use application forms for all of our services. Our tax depreciation application forms are no different. Our new application forms are interactive PDFs, eliminating the need for scanners and printers, enabling you to complete the form directly on your device.

We have two separate application forms, one for commercial buildings, and one for residential. Please note that we can also provide our application forms in Mandarin, should that be of interest.

For both of our tax depreciation application forms we have eight sections;

Section One, Owners Details:  The owner’s details, including home address and contact.

Section Two, Joint Ownership: Additional owner’s details, including home address and contact. Only applicable for joint ownership and can be skipped if not relevant to you.

Section Three, Referral Details:  Insert details of referral should that be applicable.

Section Four, Fees: Information about our fees.

Section Five, Payment: Our account details for payment. Payment is required prior to work.

Section Six, Documents Required: This section is important as it enables us to proceed and perform the report. We require documentation of remittance of payment, and the completed two paged application form supported by the full registered strata plan. If available, please provide additional photos of the unit and floor plan. If the property is not strata titled, we require architectural and/or real estate floor plans. If any substantial renovations have been carried out during your time of ownership, please provide documentation of what was done and to what degree. This could be invoices, a description of work, and photos.

Section Seven, Property Overview: This section contains information about the property details, including the property address, building name, construction completion and settlement date, as well as renovation details. This section contains important questions as it determines the amount of tax return that you can claim. 

Section Eight, Property Details: In this section, you are able to provide information concerning items and fixtures available within the property.

If you have any questions in regards to our application form, please do not hesitate to get in contact. We would be happy to guide you through it. We are here to help you and give you access to the tax deductions available to you.