Designed and built for his own family, Architect Clinton Cole, kindly opened his home, Jungle House, for us to marvel in this excellent example of how sustainable architecture can become a reality within the suburbs of Sydney.

Jungle house is a three storey plus green roof, 3-bedroom home positioned on an awkwardly shaped corner lot of land in the streets of Darlington. Working within extraordinary restrictions, and at times subject to the ridiculous bureaucracy, Clinton has been able to deliver a sophisticated response re-imagining the former use corner shop.

Every detail has been exquisitely thought out and in-built custom made furniture and joinery has maximised the otherwise limited space. The texture render heritage façade with its original opening signified by the rusted steel opening, along with the powered coated white frames of the new openings, create an intriguing addition to the street-scape.

My favourite feature is the fish pond which lines the east façade at the first floor. The water is pumped up to the clay beads in the roof planter beds and provides nutrients for the plants.

The water feature also aids in naturally cooling down the house with windows directly opening at pond height whilst being shielded by the exterior façade wall, protecting this urban oasis.

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