The decisions and actions made prior to the construction stage can define the success of your project. Sourcing expertise suited for the particular project scope can be difficult. As Quantity Surveyors (QS) we share our role and the services that we offer related to pre-construction works.

1. Initial Cost Plans: At the early stages of documentation a client might be presented with multiple design options. To assist our clients, we provide a preliminary construction cost estimate, enabling them to make the essential decision about the feasibility of the design, and the process following.

2. Council Cost Reports: Once the client has established the most preparatory aspects of their project, they need Development Application (DA) approval by council. A DA submission requires a comprehensive collection of documents and reports. The Council Cost Report (link to DCR blogpost) prepared by a registered QS may be one of these requirements. This is a construction cost estimate enabling the council to calculate their authority’s fees.

3. Gross Floor Area (GFA) Validation Reports:  Additionally, the council might call for a QS to validate the reliability of architectural drawings; a calculation of precise areas to compare with the figures given on the drawings. By confirming the truthfulness of their drawings, our clients are one step closer to their DA approval.

4. Head Contract Drafting: As the project develops, written agreements are vital for its success. At Archi-QS we offer our expertise through contract selection and drafting of the special conditions of the project. It is essential when preparing for tender and serves as proof of detail.

5. Construction Programming:  The project needs a structured and well-communicated construction programme. The report exhibits a sequence of tasks that must be carried out within a certain timeframe for a project to reach fruition. The outcome of a project financiers’ decision to give funding, depends on the quality of the construction programme.

6. Bill of Quantities (BOQ): When a client is preparing to tender for work, it is critical that the information given to tenderers is the same.  We prepare a BOQ for our clients to issue to these contractors. The document is an itemised list of materials, parts and labour that enables the tenderers to present a fair offer to execute the works.

7. Construction Finance Initial Report: This report is used for obtaining approval of the construction loan facility by the project financier prior to commencing construction work.  It is a comprehensive overview of the project establishment and includes a construction estimate that is to be used throughout the construction phase. It protects the interest of the project financier by identifying and managing potential project risks, enabling reconciliation against conditions precedent to funding.

We use our expertise to ensure that every project reaches fruition and exceeds expectations throughout the project life cycle. Keep an eye out for our next post as we introduce our services related to the construction stage of a project.