We have the pleasure to announce that Archi-QS‘ Nominated Architect, Sarah Bozionelos, has contributed an article to the Architecture Bulletin Vol. 77 No. 2 / December 2020. In this Construction Issue, Sarah shares her thoughts on why quality projects are sacrificed for financial feasibility, in light of recent events that have shone a negative spotlight on our industry such as the severe building defects identified in the Opal and Mascot Towers, and the Neo200 and Lacrosse apartment fires in Melbourne, both caused by combustible cladding.

In the two-page spread, Sarah concludes that design processes, contract suitability, and project quality should no longer be sacrificed for unrealistic portfolio-funding expectations. Furthermore, Architects and Quantity Surveyors are at the forefront to enable this shift in mind-set. 

“As an architect, I appreciate quality in design and take pride in the designs that I create. I hope that my designs will reach fruition while upholding the original intent that I had for them. However, I am often disappointed by what reality makes of my intent: taking my handcrafted lemonade and turning it right back into lemons.

Sarah Bozionelos

Architecture Bulletin Vol 77 No. 2 December 2020, Construction Issue

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