Dating back to the 18th century, quantity surveyors and quantity surveying has always been a profession based on the expert knowledge of construction costs and contracts. Throughout history, quantity surveyors (QS) have been engaged to measure and “quantify” the construction costs of a building to negotiate between the architects, builders, and clients. While the profession has evolved over the years, quantity surveyors are still considered the construction costs experts.

“I had enormous experience going into practice. I knew what buildings cost because we were costing them. And when I didn’t know I engaged a quantity surveyor”.

Glenn Murcutt

As professionals in an industry that requires precision and accuracy, sometimes it is just easier to take a step back and let someone else do the hard stuff. Even with years of experience, Australia’s most internationally acclaimed architect and only Pritzker prize-winner, Glenn Murcutt, knows when its time to call in the cost professionals.

Today, a Quantity Surveyor can provide a wide range of construction and financial management services from pre-construction, right through to post-occupancy. Check out the Archi-QS website here to inquire or learn more about our services.