A transformation of pre-loved structures, a reinvention to suit the needs of the current occupants, a complex job proofing for the future. This is adaptive design. It changes its behaviour and its resources to better suit the current need of its occupants.

Countless buildings built prior to the 1990s are in need of substantial upgrades all over Australia. Instead of starting from scratch, occupants, current and future, are finding innovative ways to reuse structures. It’s a complex job in need of multiple specialists: quantity surveyors, architects, project managers, engineers, lawyers and strata managers. The buildings are designed to adapt to their environment, keeping sustainability, health and society in mind.

We see multiple examples of these upgrades all over the Eastern Suburbs. The many post-war buildings that are scattered along our coastline are given upgrades worth millions. The popularity (and price) of the location has changed dramatically over the last 50 years. It is now housing the rich, and structures are reinvented with extravagant outdoor areas, added floors and extra lots to exciting common property.

So, how can we live better?

The specialists are challenged to step outside the box and change the way they work. We will be following the development with excitement, as the built environment is evolving to suit the ever-changing needs of our world through adaptive design.