Our tax depreciation schedules help property investors unlock tax deductions available to them. Claiming depreciation is a significant benefit that many investment property owners are unaware of.

Some features of our Tax Depreciation Reports include:

  • Pro rata’d to your settlement date.
  • Cover forty years’ worth of deductions.
  • Include two methods of depreciation within the one report: Diminishing Value and Prime Cost methods.
  • Include low-value pooling to maximise deductions available sooner.
  • Reliable calculations of any qualifying capital work deductions that can be written off.
  • Reliable calculations of capital loss plant and equipment depreciation for the owner’s accountant to calculate reduced CGT liability (when applicable).
  • A split report can be provided when there is more than one owner, based on ownership percentage.
  • Fees charged for the report are 100% tax-deductible.
  • Five-day turnaround once all relevant documentation has been received.

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