If you don’t know when you should choose a detailed detailed Capital Works Plan, keep reading this blog post to find out!

A detailed Capital Works Plan is suitable for properties:

  • That have undergone major capital works upgrades.
  • Have plans to undergo major capital works upgrades where builder’s quotes have been finalised and can be included in the capital works planning.
  • Have defects that need to be included as provisional sums for better future planning.
  • Complex buildings as well as for owners who wish to know more about their buildings and monitor their building’s performance on regular basis.

The difference between the regular Capital Works Plan and the detailed one is that the tailored format can include any of the following depending on each strata plan needs:

  • On-site inspection.
  • Defects identification, rectification, and cost to rectify.
  • Capital works upgrades.
  • Review of Builder’s Quotes for proposed major works.
  • Asset/inventory register.
  • 15-year forecasting.

At Achi-Qs we understand every property is unique, therefore we provide customised solutions to meet your specific needs.