Cost Planning

Cost planning in the early stages of a project assists with the design process by setting realistic goals that are feasible.

What is Cost Planning?

We provide Initial Cost Plans that assess the development cost at the early stages of documentation. This is usually during the schematic and developed design phase prior to development application. They can be carried out at multiple stages of the design process and become refined as the documentation evolves.

Why is Cost Planning Important Early On?

  1. It assists with providing a realistic picture of the project feasibility.
  2. It assists with design refinement to meet project goals.
  3. It mitigates the risk of projects being shelved by defining the project scope and identifying costs that would otherwise go missed.
  4. It provides the platform for budget based dialogue between the client and architect.

What do Cost Plans Include?

Initial Cost Plans can take many forms depending on each project. Some include:

  • Trade-by-Trade Breakdown
  • Elemental Summary
  • Cost Per Square Meter Rates
  • Option Comparisons

They report on the entire development cost which include expenses that often go overlooked by the architect and developer, and are not shown on early design documentation, including:

  • The construction cost
  • The demolition, excavation and latent condition costs
  • The builder’s margin
  • The professional fees
  • The authorities fees
  • GST
  • Provisional sums

How do I Get a Quote?

Email us at with a copy of the architectural plans and we will get back to you with a fee proposal. 

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