Dilapidation Report

Divided into two stages: pre-construction and post-construction, the Dilapidation Reports meticulously document a property’s condition through photographs and detailed descriptions, serving as valuable evidence in potential legal disputes related to neighbouring construction projects.

What is the Purpose of a Dilapidation Report?

The Dilapidation Reports are in two parts, pre-construction and post-construction. They comprehensively document the condition of a property through photographic records and detailed descriptions.

These records are retained over time in case they are needed for litigation or dispute resolution, helping to identify any differences in a property’s condition that may have arisen as a result of neighbouring construction works.

Dilapidation Reports for Strata

Owners Corporations often require Dilapidation Reports to be completed before construction projects commence adjacent to their property, by a third-party consultant, who are not part of the developer’s team. This is to ensure impartial and thorough documentation of the building pre-construction and then again following construction completion, to identify any changes in the property’s condition.

What’s Included in our Dilapidation Reports?

Our Dilapidation Reports encompasses a detailed register containing photographic evidence, defect identification and measurement, and precise location descriptions, offering a comprehensive snapshot of the property’s condition at the time of assessment.

To collect this data, our team will coordinate a site inspection. Due to our extensive expertise in building consultancy, we possess a thorough comprehension of potential property damage, allowing us to prepare a report that offers a precise assessment of the property’s condition.

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