Gross Floor Area Validation Report

Welcome to Archi-QS, where we specialise in providing Gross Floor Area Validation Reports for Development Applications. As registered quantity surveyors, we offer accurate and reliable assessments to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Why are Gross Floor Area Validation Reports Required?

When a proposed design is lodged with council for development consent, sometimes the gross floor area calculations come into question, particularly when there are restrictive floor space ratio requirements. In this case, council may request that you obtain a Gross Floor Area Validation Report from a qualified Quantity Surveyor like Archi-QS.

How do We Prepare Our Gross Floor Area Validation Reports?

Our Gross Floor Area Validation Reports are meticulously prepared, leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge. We carefully analyse building plans and specifications to determine the total Gross Floor Area of your development project.

Our thorough approach ensures that all relevant factors are considered, including usable space, common areas, and any applicable exclusions or deductions. This is then used to verify the Floor Space Ratio and its compliance with the site-specific allowances.

Why Choose Us?

At Archi-QS, we understand the importance of precision and integrity in Gross Floor Area calculations. Our reports are prepared in accordance with industry standards and best practices, providing you with confidence in the accuracy of your Development Application submissions.

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