Initial Maintenance Schedule

Initial Maintenance Schedules identify all the common property items that need consistent maintenance by the owners corporation and how to carry out such works. Our schedules are easy to follow and take the hassle away from the builder, strata managers and owners corporation.

What are Initial Maintenance Schedules?

Initial Maintenance Schedules are part of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015, which stipulates that the original owners of a strata scheme need to prepare the first maintenance schedule detailing how the common property is maintained. It must include maintenance and inspections times for common property items that fall outside the scope of the capital works. Such as cleaning of the swimming pool filtration system, window cleaning, rectification of faulty façade treatments and the likes. Included in the schedule must also be:

  1. All warranties for systems, equipment and things referred to in the schedule
  2. Any manuals or maintenance requirements provided by the manufacturer of those things, and
  3. The names and contact details of the manufacturers and installers of those things

In this way, it is almost a handover document from the builder/developer to the owners to enable them to upkeep their new assets with consistency and ease.


Why are Initial Maintenance Schedules Important?

Initial Maintenance Schedules assist in identifying the common property items that require maintenance, how to go about it and when. It means that the strata managers and owners of a property are all aware of their obligations from the outset and can easily go about planning and executing the required works throughout the building lifecycle.

What do Our Reports Include?

Our reports include a maintenance register which identifies and located each common property item needing maintenance, its maintenance frequency, action to be taken and any supporting documents that are attached to the report associated with the item, such as the warranties, manuals, manufacturer’s and installer’s details.

It stipulates the owners corporation obligations under the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 and provides forms that assist with the implementation of the maintenance plan.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Easy-to-follow reports.
  2. Competitive fees.
  3. Almost three decades of strata experience. So we easily create maintenance plans that provide clarity in the scope of works at hand. 
  4. Friendly client service and established and esteemed relationships with strata managers.
  5. Unobtrusive site inspections that can be undertaken contact free.

How do I Get a Quote?

Email us at with a copy of the strata plans and we will get back to you with our fee proposal. If you are a strata manager, we can email you through a Schedule of Fees for all our strata services.

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