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In the dynamic landscape of New South Wales construction, navigating regulations, compliance standards, and project intricacies demands expertise and precision. At Archi-QS, we’re here to simplify your journey.

Decades of Experience

We provide our clients with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Over three decades of experience allows for a deep understanding of industry trends, common challenges, and effective solutions.

Fast Turnaround

We take pride in providing fast and responsive services. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines, and we keep you informed throughout the process. Trust us to deliver on time, every time.

Competitive Fees

Our company offers competitive rates to ensure you get the best value for your investment, without sacrificing quality or service.



Trusted Advisor

As your trusted advisor, we are committed to understanding your needs and providing personalised solutions that meet your unique goals, backed by our extensive industry knowledge and expertise.

Qualified Consultants

Our team of highly qualified consultants brings a wealth of expertise and experience to every project. With specialised training and a multi-disciplinary approach, we ensure thorough and precise assessments tailored to our clients’ unique needs.

Friendly Approachable Team

Our team is approachable and friendly, dedicated to delivering exceptional service with a personal touch. We prioritise clear communication and genuine care for our clients’ needs, fostering lasting relationships built on trust and respect.

Building Services

Bank Reports

Our Construction Finance Initial Report is essential for loan applications, mandated by financial institutions, ensuring compliance with AIQS standards. Additionally, our Progress Drawdown Reports verify construction progress, trusted by major banks and financial institutions.

Council Cost Reports

We have a clear understanding of the requirements for local councils in NSW. Our team can minimise your authority’s fees without compromising the integrity of your next development.

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Planning Portal Management

From completing electronic forms to liaising with third parties and obtaining necessary documentation, we manage every aspect of your project.

Estimated Development Cost

The NSW Government has remodelled the method for estimating development costs, aiming to simplify and increase transparency. Our reports are already compliant to the new legislation.

Embodied Emissions Reporting

It’s is a crucial component of the DA submission process. It involves disclosing the quantities of key materials used in the construction process and their associated embodied emissions. 

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Strata Building Bond and Inspections Scheme

We have two defects inspectors on our team including our principal, allowing us to provide all stages of inspections and reporting of the Scheme.

Capital Investment Value

Recent legislative updates mandate specific requirements for In-Fill Affordable Housing projects. These projects now require a detailed calculation of capital investment value and employment rates, prepared by a registered Quantity Surveyor.

Gross Floor Area Validation

When submitting a design for council approval, discrepancies in gross floor area calculations may arise. Our Gross Floor Area Validation Report addresses such concerns.

Cost Planning

Cost planning in the early stages of a project assists with the design process by setting realistic goals that are feasible.

Initial Maintenance Schedules

Initial Maintenance Schedules identify all the common property items that need consistent maintenance by the owner’s corporation and how to carry out such works.

Strata Services

Asbestos Reports

We help you identify them and create a cost-friendly and easy-to-follow management plan of each asbestos item so that you can feel safe in the places you live and work.

Insurance Valuations

We ensure that the sum insured has been calculated properly and property owners aren’t paying inflated insurance premiums. We offer special price for report batches and 2-day turnaround.

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Self-Managed Strata Schemes

Our package offers essential reports, coupled with decades of experience, competitive pricing, and personalised support, making strata scheme management effortless for you.

Capital Works Plans

Our approach minimises out-of-pocket expenses while preserving building quality and residents’ standard of living.

Play Equipment Safety Audit

Our audits ensure play equipment on strata properties meets Australian Standards, mitigating potential risks.

Child Safety Lock Audit

Our dedicated team specialise in conducting pressure-testing Child Safety Lock Audits for all types of strata properties, ensuring compliance with relevant legislative requirements.

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Safety Reports

Our reports align with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and Regulation 2016, identifying and minimising hazards within strata properties.


Dilapidation Reports

Pre-construction and post-construction dilapidation reports detail property conditions with photos and descriptions, vital for legal disputes on neighbouring construction projects.

Shared Facilities Services

We provide Shared Facilities Register creation and review, Allocation of Costs Reports, Shared Facilities Mapping, and assistance in adding new shared facilities.

Tax Depreciation

Claiming depreciation is a significant benefit that many investment property owners are unaware of. Get your report now!

  • Available Australia Wide
  • 100% tax deductible fees
  • ATO compliant reports
  • 3-5 business day turn-around guarantee
  • 40 years of depreciation in one report
  • Split-Reports available for properties with multiple ownership, increasing immediate tax claims.
  • We provide capital loss depreciation on plant and equipment for those properties that are not eligible for tax depreciation of such assets, enabling them to reduce their CGT liability.
  • We consider any major renovations and upgrades to maximise depreciation.

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