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Once a building is complete and occupied, it must be managed and maintained to uphold suitable living standards and adhere to the relevant regulations. At Archi-QS, we offer a range of services related to these needs.

1. Replacement Cost Assessments

This report provides the recommended building sum insured for the building to adequately insure the subject building in the rare case that it is affected in part or in whole, by natural disaster or fire resulting in its reconstruction or part-reconstruction. Who should be doing your Replacement Cost Assessments? Find out here.

2. Capital Works Plans

This report is an independent assessment of the condition of the property’s common property, to forecast the expenditure for the next ten years, and creating a levy that is suitable to maintain common property items.

3. Tax Depreciation Reports

If you are an investment property owner, you can claim the loss in wear and tear of your assets as a tax deduction against your income. There are two classes of depreciation you can claim, Plant and Equipment (Division 40) and Capital Works (Division 43). The ATO determines how long an asset is used to produce income, and from this, we calculate the depreciation rate. A Depreciation Schedule must be prepared by a qualified Quantity Surveyor to comply with the ATO. Learn how you can apply for tax depreciation.

4. Allocation of Costs Reports

This report provides the recommended allocation of costs for the shared facilities of the Building Management Committee (BMC) of the subject of the building where the existing allocation is in dispute or question. This is to enable the building the data to adequately distribute the proportionate percentage of funds to maintain each item based on use and merit.

5. Initial Maintenance Schedules

This report provides a recommended schedule of maintenance items to be upheld and carried out by the Owners Corporation for the common property of the building.

6. Asbestos Register and Management Plans

This report provides an unobtrusive asbestos inspection and subsequent asbestos register and management plan in order to identify the assumed presence and location of asbestos or Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) within the common property of the subject building, and recommend the appropriate control measures. Read about the dangers of Asbestos.

7. Children’s Play Equipment’s Safety Audit

This report provides a strata building, company, council, or school with the control measures to prevent and minimise the level of risks present, as well as, prevent accidents that may occur in the future within the playground located on the property.

8. Shared Facilities Register and Mapping

This report is prepared to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the shared facility items, addition of shared facilities items that may have been missed during the registration process, and generation of a mapping system to identify the location of each item against the plans and elevations of the property. This is to enable the building the data to adequately manage each shared facility.

9. Combustible Cladding Replacement Project Management

When the Owners Corporation require project management services for combustible cladding replacement and remediation works on their building, we provide expert guidance, ensuring that the necessary steps are taken for the removal and replacement, within the agreed schedule and budget of the given project. Here is our recent update on the combustible cladding crisis.

That concludes the introduction of the main services that we offer here at Archi-QS. Do not forget to check out our previous posts about our services relating to the project stages pre-construction and construction.

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