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Do Architects Have The Right Tools To Give Reliable Cost Opinions?

When it comes to construction costs, architects are often ill equipped with a structured base to be able to generate a reliable budget. The common term used by architects is ‘cost per square metre’. However, without a clear and consistent method to break down items and define important variables, it is easy to dramatically under or overestimate construction costs.

It is necessary to define areas and budgets as the outcomes can very significantly. For example, costs based around the Fully Enclosed Covered Areas will have a considerably different figure than costs based around the Gross Floor Area, which is also dependent on the type of budget used. The Construction Budget is only one aspect of the Total Project Cost. Does your figure include the builder’s margin, contingency, professional and authority fees and GST? This year we had been given the incredible opportunity to speak at this month’s SPUN Architecture Network Incorporated meeting. Our Certified Quantity Surveyor, Samuel Star, and Nominated Architect, Sarah Bozionelos, were excited to engage in an informative and educational conversation around empowering architects with the skills to produce more reliable cost opinions. Unfortunately, due to the current severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, the SPUN Architecture Network has postponed the CPD seminar, but we still hope to present in the future. Our approach is to give architects the beginners tools to learn how to build their own informed cost opinions as well as tips on how to best engage a Quantity Surveyor if budgets just aren’t for you.

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