Shared Facilities Mapping And Register

Strata buildings with multiple strata plans, often do not know where their shared facilities are located, although many are registered and maintained by the Building Management Committee. Our unique service creates easy to read maps that locate shared facilities and update the shared facilities lists to ensure that they can be effectively managed.

What are Shared facilities?

Large buildings with multiple strata plans often function like a community where the building management committee is made up of so many stakeholders and different entities that maintaining shared assets can be a big confusing task. This is made more difficult when the location of all the registered shared facilities is unknown, even to those responsible for maintaining them. This makes planning for maintenance or upgrade works an almost impossible undertaking. Hence, mapping out the assets into one uniform document decodes this maze.

Why are Shared Facilities Maps Useful?

Shared facilities maps allow for all the shared facilities assets, those that are already registered and those that have only become known once the building has been occupied and used for some time, to be located and identified under one uniform document. The maps can take the form of easy-to-read diagrams against the strata plan or floor plan diagrams, depending on the information or lack thereof provided. They enable all stakeholders to locate the shared facilities so that maintenance and upgrade works can be readily planned for, allocated and undertaken, particularly to those assets that would otherwise be neglected or demystify which assets belong to which strata plan.

What do Our Reports Include?

  1. Strata plan identification and description.
  2. Shared facilities maps of every floor and building including podium.
  3. Categorization of shared facilities based on system and use for ease of reference.
  4. Addition of shared facilities upon request.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We combine the skills of quantity surveying and architecture to produce easy to read and thorough mapping systems.
  2. We can create different types of maps depending on the information readily available or lack thereof.
  3. Our reports are easy to follow.
  4. Our three decades of experience in strata means we are very familiar with large buildings, how they work and what it takes to maintain them.
  5. Friendly client service and established and esteemed relationships with strata managers.
  6. Unobtrusive site inspections that can be undertaken contact free.

How do I Get a Quote?

Email us at with a copy of the strata plans and we will get back to you with our fee proposal. If you are a strata manager, we can email you through a Schedule of Fees for all our strata services.

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