Sinking Fund Forecast

We acknowledge that our recommendations significantly impact the lives of strata property owners and residents. Our reports consider financial, environmental, and social factors relevant to each property’s area.

What is a Sinking Fund Forecast?

A sinking fund forecast is a financial projection that estimates the future expenses and contributions required for a healthy sinking fund. A sinking fund is typically set up by the body corporate of strata properties to accumulate funds for major repairs, maintenance, or replacement of common property assets such as lifts, roofs, or building exteriors.

The forecast outlines the expected costs over a 10-year period and helps property owners plan and budget for these expenses by determining the necessary annual contributions and levies to the sinking fund.

What do Archi-QS Sinking Fund Forecasts Cover?

We understand that our recommendations affect the lives of the people who own and reside within strata properties. As such, each report is carried out and reviewed by our multi-disciplinary and qualified team, providing an in-depth holistic assessment of each strata plan we consult, while at the same time taking into consideration the financial, environmental and social factors of each property.

Furthermore, each report follows these principles:

  1. Site inspection of the common property.
  2. Assessment of the current Sinking Fund Forecast and our recommendation based on our findings.
  3. Breakdown of assets and their assessed effective and remaining lives.
  4. A 10 year sinking fund forecast based on our 30 plus years of experience working with strata property.
  5. Proposed owners’ levies for the next 10 years.

How Often Should Sinking Fund Forecasts be Updated?

A Sinking Fund Forecast should be reviewed every five (5) years.  Reviews ensure that the sinking fund forecast reflects the actual aging and associated asset changes within the strata building, as well as the current property’s financial status to recommend affordable levies.

Need Detailed Sinking Fund Forecast?

Many properties undergo major capital works upgrades and defect rectification. This may mean you need a tailored solution. We are happy to review any current plan, vet upcoming schedule of works, and invoices from contractors for inclusion in our report to provide a more detailed Sinking Fund Forecast. These tailored reports are not generic, nor left to a fancy mathematical algorithm without a human touch.

Why Choose Archi-QS?

  • Decades of Experience: with over three decades of strata experience, we deliver high-level consultancy that exceeds industry standards.
  • Friendly Service: we provide personalised support throughout your project’s life cycle.
  • Competitive Fees: enjoy quality service at competitive rates.
  • Easy-to-follow compliant reports.
  • Quick turnover.

How do I Get a Quote?

Email us at with a copy of the strata plans and we will get back to you with our fee proposal. If you are a strata manager, we can email you through a Schedule of Fees for all our strata services.

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